Julian Down

Julian Down

Company: Poseida Therapeutics

Job title: Senior Director, Gene Therapy


Julian is a highly collaborative and experienced scientific researcher, manager and biotechnology strategist with a record of multidisciplinary team-building for successful coalitions between academia, industry, CROs and government agencies. He is currently Senior Director of Gene Therapy at Poseida Therapeutics, where he is directing the development of effective and safe treatment of genetic diseases using viral and non-viral delivery platforms with advanced gene editing approaches.


Panel Discussion – Discussing Challenges of Gene Editing Approaches in the Gene Therapy Space 11:45 am

Translating from pre-clinical studies into the clinic How to decide which gene editing approach is best for each indication Navigating the regulatory landscape Ensuring patients understand what treatment involves compared to current options Possible applications of gene editing technology across blood disease indicationsRead more

day: Day Two

Application of Ex Vivo Non-Viral Gene Therapy and Facilitating Engraftment of Gene-Corrected Hematopoietic Stem Cells 11:15 am

Delivery of Poseida’s platform technology in gene addition (piggyBac transposons) and gene-editing (Cas-Clover CRISPR) Production of pure CAR-T and HSC products HSC homing and expansion Selective targeting of HSCs for safer transplant conditioningRead more

day: Day Two

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